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Palm PCR™ S1, Ultra-fast Mobile Real-time PCR system

Palm PCR™ S1
Ultra-fast Mobile Real-time PCR system

Fully Mobile MDx Platform with Extreme Efficiency and Convenience

At the leading edge of the PCR innovation, Ahram Biosystems proudly presents the Palm PCR™ S1, Ultra-fast Mobile Real-time PCR system.
This state-of-the-art mobile instrument allows you to instantly complete your realtime PCR tests anywhere, anytime with no limitations in environment, electricity, and communication.
With the essence of innovation in your Palm, you now have complete access to the future of biotechnology.
Ultra-Fast & Multiplexing

The Palm PCR S1 system can deliver your multiplex realtime PCR results in less than 12 minutes with high sensitivity and accuracy, even at single copy target concentration. Powered by the revolutionary convection PCR technology, this compact realtime PCR instrument allows you to reach unprecedented ultra-fast PCR speed, 18 seconds per cycle. With maximum of six realtime channels available, the full capacity of realtime multiplexing can be attained with no detectable crosstalk, securing ultimate sensitivity and specificity.

Fully Mobile

The Palm PCR™ S1 system features a stand-alone, fully mobile instrument. Completed in a small compact design, this mobile device is powered by a rechargeable Li ion battery that enables more than 4 hours of continuous PCR operation per single charge of the battery, and operable at ambient temperature as high as 40°C.

Added on this innovation are the complete stand-alone capabilities, including a tablet PC and a wide touch screen user-interface enclosed, as well as limitless access to communication connections including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, LAN, and optional GPS.

Ultra-Fast Multiplex real-time Assay shows Extreme Sensitivity down to Single Copy

The direct, qualitative detection of CT/NG is performed simultaneously within 9 minutes. These results indicate that possible patients can be tested at the site of care with accuracy, thus this short-turnaround-time in vitro test can be optimally effective CT/NG on site controls reducing the risk of contamination.

PalmTaq™ Express with the highest speed and efficiency
Ahram Biosystems offers a full range of the ultra-fast real-time PCR reagents, including the PalmTaq™ Express Taq polymerase as well as the PalmScript™ Express reverse transcriptase.
Palm PCR ™  S1 & S1e  Specifications
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